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March 17, 2016
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March 17, 2016
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Great Basin National Park – Summit Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak - Great Basin National Park

Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park has a great peak, Wheeler Peak, to summit. White Pine County, Nevada has its very own national park, Great Basin National Park. The park was established in 1986. Both novice and professional climbers alike will enjoy the 13,064-foot climb. This summit gives you the ability to reach the peak and return to your car in under five hours.


It is highly recommended that you set out early in the morning. Weather can be unpredictable in the afternoons as thunderstorms begin to accumulate. No special equipment is needed. However, make sure your cardio is up to speed as this is a strenuous high elevation hike.

While hiking in the high elevations at Great Basin National Park, you will come across the very rare Bristlecone Pine Trees. The trees thrive in the harsh, cold climate just below the peak. These majestic beauties are the longest-living trees on earth. This stunning red growth is from the pine cone development.

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