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V&S Variety Follow Up

Shopko Coming Soon, Ely Nevada

Shopko Coming Soon, Ely Nevada




Is V&S Variety staying open? White Pine Living received its highest web traffic yet reporting on whether or not our beloved V&S Variety store was indeed closing its doors. The content of the rumor included the possibility of turning over the keys to Shopko. Originally, we spoke with Wayne Cameron at the White Pine Chamber of Commerce in regards to these rumors. Mr. Cameron admitted after the release of the first article that he did not have all the facts straight when we interviewed him. He attempted to rectify the situation once he realized there was new information available. He posted this comment about the recent article on White Pine Living:

“The information I had was of last Thursday. I had heard a rumor that V & S had been sold but due to events over the weekend, I had not heard officially until late Monday morning that it was a fact. I tried to contact someone from White Pine Living on the cell phone number I have but got no answer to let him know what I had just found out. I am glad that Mary Kerner posted the facts. Many of us are glad to hear that there are new businesses coming into the community but we are also concerned what impacts it may or may not having on existing businesses. We want them all to be successful to benefit the business community in White Pine County.”

V&S Variety

V&S Variety Ely Nevada

Here’s The Facts:

White Pine Living contacted Shopko’s corporate offices after the first article hit the press. However, Shopko’s official statement is that they refuse to release a public statement at this time. White Pine Living then contacted Mr. Ray Hansen who is a partial owner of V&S Variety store. Mr. Hansen stated that V&S Variety store is indeed closing it’s doors. When asked whether the rumors are true that Shopko would be setting up shop in the soon to be vacated building, Mr. Hansen stated, “They better be… Shopko already signed the lease.” Mr. Hansen further stated that he did not want to release the official date that V&S would close its doors to Ely. However, he did want it conveyed that the store’s liquidation starts this weekend (Saturday, April 2, 2016).

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