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May 13, 2019
White Pine County Sheriff’s Office || Blotter Report, May 13th ’19
May 14, 2019
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Sheriff’s Corner || Scammers Claiming Fundraiser for Sheriff’s Office

So those devious scammers are back at it and this time it’s personal. It seems that they are now calling the citizens of White Pine County and claiming to be raising money for the Sheriff’s Office. I have received several phone calls from individuals living in the Ely area who have revived a phone call from someone stating that they are calling on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office. The caller goes on to state that the money that they donate will be used to help fund a program for police survivors. One of the individuals I spoke to stated that they told the caller they wanted to verify this call with the Sheriff’s Office, the caller got very rude accusing the person receiving the call that she wasn’t a supporter of law enforcement and that cops are dying every day and that she needed to give money to show her support. The reporting party stated that the caller was very forward and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The reporting party stated that she then hung up the phone, only to have the caller call her right back again demanding she donate to the cause. The reporting party stated that she hung up again and then called me. I assured her that it was a scam and that the Sheriff’s Office has not endorsed any type of fund raising. So if you happen to get one of these calls, it is a scam. Hang up on the caller and if they call back, hang up again.  Once again the Sheriff’s Office is not involved in any type of fund raising at this time. The Sheriff’s Office is always available to answer any concerns you might have when it comes to making donations over the phone.

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  1. Janet says:

    They called my house, the said they were raising mo eye for the police fund and wanted to know when I get an envelope how much can they count on me for?
    I hung up it was a weird number.

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