White Pine County Sheriff’s Office || Blotter Report, December 2nd ’19
December 3, 2019
White Pine County Sheriff’s Office || Blotter Report, December 3rd ’19
December 4, 2019
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Sheriff’s Corner ||Lookout For Porch-Piracy

The holiday shopping craze has started, everyone is looking for the perfect gift along with the best deal possible. It’s a wonderful time of year that can bring a lot of joy and happiness to everyone, but it can also be a time of frustration and disappointment. The frustration and disappointment comes into play when dishonest people do dishonest things. Remember it’s at this time of year thieves’ step up their game looking for that quick snatch or quick grab. Last week the Sheriff’s Office took a report from an individual who had a package stolen right off their front porch step. This has become a popular way for thieves to get a quick score. They drive the neighborhood’s looking for packages sitting on sidewalks or door steps and quickly steal them in a matter of seconds. So this Sheriff’s Corner I thought that I would make a few suggestions, just as reminders to try and prevent a thief from having easy access to your holiday treasures. First, make sure you lock your homes and vehicles. Don’t give them easy access. Second, if you leave packages in your car, cover them up. Don’t leave them exposed. Third, if you are having packages delivered to your home, track your package by email or by a delivery app. It will show you when your package has arrived so that you are aware it is at its destination and needs to be collected. Fourth, as you are shopping take care of your purse or other items that you are in charge of. Don’t leave them unattended, such as in a shopping cart. And as always if you see something suspicious taking place in your neighborhood please give the Sheriff’s Office a call so that we can check it out. Last, but not least I hope that your holidays are filled with much joy and happiness. .

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