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Why You Should Join Your School Band, By Ross Bauman

There are many reasons why I think you should join band. You should join band because it will help you socially and emotionally. According to: passionacademy.net/band-benefits/, by playing in a band you are guaranteed to improve your listening skills. It helps develop better eye and hand coordination. Students who learn how to read music learn to use their eyes differently. They must follow their music charts and translate what the chart says through coordinating their fingers via their instruments.


Now, let’s actually get into why people should join our school band. When I first started playing my instrument, I was only 8 years old. I didn’t know much about perseverance, responsibility or loyalty. Prior to joining the band, I usually messed around in class because it never made much sense for me why I was there. When I got to the 5th grade I joined the band. It very hard at first. I couldn’t even make a noise out of my trumpet. However, I did not give up on myself. I took my trumpet home and practiced almost every day until I got better.


Prior to joining the band, I was pretty careless with my things. I would often leave my jacket or backpack on the playground or in my classroom because I didn’t care that much about those things. Once I joined the band, I had to take responsibility for my instrument because my parents paid $250.00 for it! That’s a lot of money! This taught me how to be more responsible with all of my things.


Loyalty is another benefit that I have received from band. I discovered that I had to learn my individual part so that our performances sounded good. If I didn’t practice my part, it would make it harder for the whole band to continue playing together. Something else that band has taught me about loyalty, is that I can’t just blast my instrument the loudest because it would make our performances not sound as good. I had to work well with my other band members to make our songs sound good. Everybody in the band has to be committed to each other so that our performances would sound better.


In conclusion, experts say there are many benefits to playing in the band. You improve your listening skills. That is important because if you don’t listen in life and school then you are going to have a tough time. Band also improves your hand/eye coordination. Good hand/eye coordination is helpful in playing sports. Lastly, experts said that reading band music sheets will help with your overall reading skills. On top of all that, band has taught me perseverance, responsibility and loyalty.

Ross Bauman is an 11yr Old, sixth grader attending White Pine Middle School.

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  1. Kristyn Hall says:

    Excellent job Ross! We loved reading your article!!

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