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July 24, 2019
County Commission Meeting 7/24/19
July 24, 2019
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GWop Around the County | WPC Tourism & Recreation Board | July 23, 2019

July 23, 2019Bullis- absent
McIntosh – on the phone

Public Comment
Chachas spoke on the Airbnb, he felt that they needed to pay for a license as well as pay taxes. He also requested a list of names and addresses for the Airbnb.

New Business

Discussion For Possible Action: Review of Financial Report
June total Room tax collected was $185,602.21.
This was divided between –
Tourism and Recreation – $117,479.62
Railroad – $27,458.69
County Pool – $1,871.98
City of Ely – $29,643.42
Some comparisons in the past need to be changed, because the tax rate in 2011 was 8% and it is now 13.5%.
Horvath felt it would be an unfair comparison of his work if you compare 8% to a 13.5%. We would like to have a true comparison as to how many people Tour and Rec is bringing into town. We should be looking at how many people we brought into town, not how much it cost them to stay here.
We were up 115% of the projected City room taxes for this year. We were 120% over what was projected for the County room tax. We were up 140% for activity in the Convention Center.
There was $145,059.60 Surplus for last fiscal year. We came in over budget on income and under budget on expenses.

Discussion for possible action clarification of Emergency Meeting criteria.
James Beecher disgust NRS 241. 020(2) and (8) 6.08]. Were the circumstances giving rise to the meeting unforeseen? Is immediate action required? Has the entity documented the emergency? Has an agenda been prepared limiting the meeting to the emergency items? Has an advanced been made to give public notice?
well then notice and the gender requirements may be Relax well then notice and agenda requirements may be relaxed in an emergency, are other provisions of the open meeting law complied with (e.g., MTG open and public, minutes kept, Etc.)
Have actual discussions and actions at the meeting being limited to only those items on the agenda? If any item has been added to the agenda as an emergency item. Was it due to an unforeseen circumstance? Was immediate action required? As the emergency been documented in the minutes Did the body refrain from taking action on discussion items or public comment items?
When emergency occur a public body may not be able to wait 3 days to call a meeting or the board may have already sent out a notice and agenda and cannot amend the agenda and give three days notice of an emergency item Before the meeting.
Example of an emergency – the unforeseen resentment of the General Manager of the sewage treatment plant created an emergency because, in order to protect the public health, safety and Welfare, the public body needed to keep the plant operating, and they’ll send emergency need to employ a new manager was appropriate.

Discussion for possible action: Develop Airbnb Policy to recommend to County and City.
There are 8 in Ely and more in towns like Baker. These can be a room rented in a residence or a complete house rented for 1 or more nights. This is a concern because it changes a town from a residential community to all Airbnb. This has happened in other communities like Truckee Nevada.
Airbnb’s do not pay room tax or license fees. The new owner of Big 4 Brothel would like to start an Airbnb. They would like to be on the list of accommodations available in our area. This is kind of a unique idea where you can go and stay in a once brothel building.
Some communities are making an ordinance that it has to be the owner’s residence in order to rent out a room or two. Some of the people that have these buildings in Ely do not live here. there needs to be at least a manager, not just a cleaning lady, to manage these home.
It might be advisable to have them licensed as a home occupation and to apply the room tax rule to each of these Airbnbs.
This item was tabled, with the request that Mr. Beecher and Mr. Horvath compose a letter with the concerns of Tourism and Recreation and send the letter to both the City of Ely Council and the White Pine County Commissioners. When the letter is composed it will be read at the next Tourism and Recreation meeting.
The Airbnb owners are profiting from the Tourism and Recreation and should pay their fair share.
( Insurance should also be a concern, maybe Fire or Building inspections.

Discussion For Possible Action: Determine Board’s Meeting dates / times for next six months.
The meetings will be on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. with the exception of December, the December meeting will be on the 19th at 4 p.m.

Discussion For Possible Action: Annual review of the Executive Director.
Each member of the Board received eight questions that pertain to Mr. Horvath’s performance as director of Tourism and Recreation. The overall rating was 112 of 120, all agreed that the director was doing a great job.
( The next meeting agenda will include a 6% raise for the Executive Director. )

Old Business
Parking lot Sub-committee – Goeringer
The deposit has been made and the parking lot will begin shortly, there will be trees and lighting

White Pine Golf Course – McIntosh
Thank you tourism and Recreation for the $20,000 to purchase a new tractor.

White Pine Trails Update – Goeringer
A trail from Ward Mountain down to Ely will be completed shortly. This can be for riding or walking.

Northern Nevada Railway update – Bassett
The Star Train is all booked for the year 2020, we are trying to get more.

Any comments or questions can be directed to Tourism & Recreation 775-289-3720

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