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August 6, 2019
White Pine County Sheriff’s Office || Blotter Report, August 6th ’19
August 7, 2019
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GWop Around the County | WPC Airport Advisory Board | August 6, 2019

Public Comment
Reminder of the “Day At The Airport “ September 7, starting at 6:00am.

Airport Usage Report- Tim Parish
July 2017 2018 2019
Private 130 158 289
Commercial 55 108 88
Medical 16 54 35
Government 5 17 18
Enplanements 516 992 713

Update on Airport Capital Improvement Project – Lance Gale
We’re waiting for some documentation that was sent to the FAA and then we will start on the South ramp. Maxwell out of Utah will be doing the work. The original bid, I believe was $110,000, Maxwell came in at $64,000. They’re coming in and cracked sealing all of the South area, seal and then restripe. We’re not sure of the start date, it could be the end of this month or the first of September. As soon as this document is sent to the FAA, they will be able to start to work. The south end will be shut down for about 10 days total. All the aircraft that are located in that area will have to move over to the east area. At this time we can also repair the rails at the Navy hanger.
As an update to the board, the County received about $45,000 from the Department of Transportation for the project we did for the runway and taxiway.
Bybee commented on the inspection of the work that has been completed. He stated it was beautiful. The workmanship is pretty impeccable.
Lance “ One of the biggest things as we came in under budget. We were $207,000 under budget and were able to fog seal and purchase of a new emergency generator. We were also the first airport to have their work completed with the discretionary funding from President Trump.”

Discussion – “Day at the Airport” Events
The Las Vegas warbirds will be here, they will be here on display and there will be plane ride starting at $60. ( the rides will be 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes) $1,300 is the cost for having the warbirds come.
The Remax balloon will be here. It is recommended that we charge $5 for a tethered balloon ride. This will offset the cost of having the balloons here. The cost for them to come is approximately $1,200.
There will be no charge to enter the airport, but there will be for fees for plane rides, balloon rides and food.
UVU from Provo will also be here with planes for display.
Both Life Flight companies will be here with their planes.
We are requesting that all private plane owners have their planes on display. Any private plane owners can offer rides but they would have to be free, they cannot do it commercially.
The Board needs to put a flyer together and have somebody do radio advertisement for this event.
All were in agreement.

Discussion for Possible Action Approval of Commercial User Fees.
Tim Parish “ This is about what Mike Coster brought up at the last meeting, the Commercial fees are set and it is something that is happening. This is an item he brought up as an example to show that we were not doing our jobs. Basically that’s how it came out. You started out by giving out the sheet describing our duties. I have gone over and over and over this. I disagree with his interpretation of this. I do not believe the airport Advisory board has anything oversight, that’s the County Commissioner’s job. We, as a board, do not have oversight over the Airport Manager or the financial dealings of the airport. That’s not our position, even with what he had handed out. If Lance wants to share things with us, this that’s totally up to Lance. As far as I have been able to find out, no airport manager has involved The Advisory Board in leases or other financial dealings with the airport. Nowhere in this paperwork does it show we have oversight on any financial fees, Etc.
If you read the article that he handed out, there is not a word in there about an airport Advisory Board. There were some problems at this airport, it was all upper management some of the people running the airport had some problems. This contention was that if we get involved in Lance`s job, we will avoid this. Totally not the same thing.
As far as collection of commercial flight fees, this goes back to when Steve Stork was manager, the Jet Center made the agreement with the County to collects some fees, tie down fees, dry camping fees, commercial operator fees, etc. We collect these fees and retain half the money, the rest of the money goes to the County. In exchange we also keep track of the airport usage. Most of the commercial operators fees come in at a bigger level and Lance takes care of those.
None of these fees or collections have anything to do with the Airport Advisory Board.”
Lance Gale “ At the airport we have five regular commercial operators. The fee is $1,800 a year. They are Reach, MedX One, American Medflight, the BLM and the USDA. The USDA is exempt, they are government. The BLM does not have its own aircraft, they use private contractors, so they do pay the fee.”
Gale listed other groups that paid for leases. The County starts its year on July 1st and all bills are sent out at that time. Right now everyone is paid up with the exception of two who have not paid the bill sent out in July, 2019.
Lance went into different types of leases and different groups that lease from the airport. There are groups like The RSVP that do not pay a fee.
This report was very extensive and Lance did send Mike Coster a copy.

( As I recall, it was Mike Coster who recommended to the Advisory Board to giving up of the certificate that would allow the airport to have commuter flight. He stated there was a new inspector that would be quite critical of the airport and in his opinion the airport would not pass inspection. He has made statements that the airport will never be certified again. It is my feeling that he is attempting to stop the certification. Gale has done so much work to get this certification back, I will support Lance Gale in his effort. I am sure we will have our Part 135 back soon.)

Discussion / For Possible Action: Approval to schedule a Mock Exercise at the Ely Airport.

We have to do one of these every 3 years. When we get our Part 135 back, it will have to take place every year.
Since most medical flights go out in the evening, it was decided to have this mock exercise in the dark. This should take place in September or October.
It was also agreed to contact the other Emergency agents for date and time.

Update / report from Commissioners Liaison
Laurie Carson recommended that we get a handbook from the Clerk’s office.
Carson did not have a report because this is her first meeting as liaison.

Report from the Airport Manager
Gale reported that the Commission have given the go-ahead to start the helipad at the hospital. There will be a pad, a sidewalk, lighting and a windsock. The pad will have an H, indicating Hospital. The top number will be the size of the rotor on the helicopter and the second number will be the weight of the helicopter.

Next meeting will be September 3rd

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