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July 29, 2019
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July 29, 2019
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GWop Around the County | Ely City Council Meeting | July 25, 2019

Ely City Council Meeting
July 25, 2019

Public Comment
Chachas “The City should not be paying for the curb and gutter along Van Camp’s property. That’s the owner’s responsibility.
I learned from the Tour and Rec meeting that there are eight Airbnb establishments here in Ely. This needs to be addressed and they need to stop immediately. They have not applied for any licensing from the City or the County and they have not applied for State Room tax. They don’t even pay commercial landfill rates.”

Department Reports
Fire ChiefCalled out for accident
Police Chief
Statistics for the City of Ely April 2019 – June 2019
– Incident – 2469
– Traffic stops – 486
– Citations – 146
– Felony arrest – 29
– Misdemeanor arrest – 69
– New bookings – 93
– Total they served in jail – 812
Alworth asked how many felonies were drug-related? Reply approximately 90%.

Municipal Judge – absent
City Clerk
– Still working on the NDOW Grant, all that is needed is the progress report from the Trap Club. The deadline is July 30th.
– There have been quite a few complaints about people’s yards.
City Treasurer
– We have filled for positions in the City, streets, parks, water and sewer.
– The Auditors are scheduled for August 19th. I have a lot of cleanup to do to get ready for them.
City Attorney
– No report
City Public Works Supervisor
– The compactor at the landfill is working pretty good so far.
– The road department will be working on Mill Street.
– We will be patching in front of the water department. It will cost roughly $8,500 for nine patches.

City Engineer
– Discuss the meeting he had on peak usage of electricity for the City.
City Building Official
– Nothing to report

City Council
Alworth was very busy with contacting the board of Taxation, visiting with different department heads.
Carson discussed his first Tourism and Recreation meeting. He stated that the board was very interested in the Airbnbs that are springing up in the County and City.

Nothing to report

Public Hearing
Discussions Only – Consideration of an application for reclassification for property zoning. The applicant wishes to rezone the property from the current R-1-75 Zone ( Residential) to a C -2 Zone (General commercial). Location of the property is on lot 13, 14 and 15 of South Avenue, Hermansen Addition, Ely, Nevada. The applicant is Wade Robinson.
This is property next to the new CAL Ranch store. CAL Ranch would like to use this property for large items that they are selling. None of the neighbors agreed with this proposition.
Chachas stated no sales no sales tax.

0/5 there will be no re- zoning

Discussion Only – Consideration of citizen comments regarding eligible activities the City of Ely should apply for under the State CDBG program.
Almberg wanted people to know about the block grant program and what the requirements are.
CDBG Grant is administrated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and is authorized by Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended. The primary object of the Community Development Block Grant Program is development of viable communities by providing:
I. Expanding economic opportunities principally for people of low and moderate-income
II. Suitable living environment
III. Decent housing
Funds granted through this program support Community Development activities directed towards the following objectives stated in Title 1 of HCDA of 1974, as amended.
1. The elimination and prevention of slums and blighting influences that causes deterioration within the community.
2. The elimination of conditions detrimental to health, safety and public welfare through code enforcement, demolition, or interim Rehabilitation assistant.
3. The conservation of housing stock to provide a suitable living environment for person principally of low and moderate-income.
4. The expansion and Improvement of the quality and quantity of community services principally for persons of low and moderate-income.
5. The better utilization of land and other natural resources, and the planning of the placement of residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and other needed activity centers.
6. The reduction of isolation of income groups through spatial de- consideration of housing and revitalization deteriorated neighborhoods.
7. The restoration and preservation of property with historic, architectural or aesthetic value.
8. The stimulation of private investment and Community revitalization to alleviate physical and economic distress.
9. The conservation of scarce energy resources, Improvement of efficiency and preservation of alternative and renewable energy sources.
The State’s goal is to meet the National Objective of Community Development Block Grant program. National objectives are to:
1. Benefit low and moderate-income persons
2. Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight
3. Meet Community Development needs having a particular urgency when other sources of funding or not available.
4. document public health or safety
5. Needs identified through our community and / or Regional planning
6. Economic Development needs.

There will be hearings on this and the council needs your ideas. You may attend a City Council meeting with your idea or you may write a letter to the City Council.

Discussion / For Possible Action – Recommended approval for City to pay installation cost in the amount of $16,452 of Public Trust Funds for L curb on north side of Avenue D behind Holiday Inn Express.
Holiday Inn Express and has paid for the road to be redone ($115,000) and would like the City to pay for the curb next to Van Camp’s.
2/2 Flangas abstained causing a ties vote. The Mayor had to break the tie, the final vote was
3/2 Approved – Alworth and Carson voted no

Discussion / For Possible Action – Recommend approval of Cooperative Agreement between Nevada Department of Transportation and City of Ely for Landscape and Lighting facilities.
We will be getting an additional fifty lights, but being as they are LED lights we will be paying less for electricity. These lights will only shine down wards, eliminating the problem with seeing our beautiful night sky.
5/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action – Approval to renew the City of Ely’s membership in the White Pine Chamber of Commerce.
5/0 Approved to they $440 for membership in the White Pine Chamber of Commerce

Discussion / For Possible Action – Approval to early register representatives from the City of Ely for the 2019 Nevada League of Cities Conference.
5/0 Approved to have the Mayor and Sam attend. The registration is $295 per person.

Discussion / For Possible Action – Approved Road Maintenance Certification of Ely – owned roads in the Ely Shoshone Indian Reservation.
These are roads to get to their traditional tribal lands.
5/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action – Recommend approval of Cooperative Agreements between Nevada Department of Transportation and the City of Ely for drainage facilities.

5/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action -Recommend approval of Cooperative Agreement between Nevada Department of Transportation and City of Ely for Signal systems.
This will include push button crossing lights at several locations, and 50 new LED lights. These lights should save cost on electricity. There will be one at the Hotel, the elementary school, Texaco, at the Copper Queen and one in front of the high school. Maintenance and repair under $1,500 will be the City’s responsibility.
5/0 Approved


If you have any comments on this meeting you may contact any of your City Council or comment on White Pine Talking.
Ernie Flangas 289-9053
Kurt Carson – 289-3718
Tony DeFelice 702-686-9282
Jim Alworth
Sam Hanson 289-2638

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