White Pine County Sheriff’s Office || Blotter Report, July 11th ’19
July 12, 2019
White Pine County Sheriff’s Office || Blotter Report, July 12th ’19
July 15, 2019
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GWop Around the County | Ely City Council Meeting | July 11, 2019


Ely City Council Meeting
July 11, 2018
Tony DeFelice absent
Public Comment
Kyle Roerink, Director of Great Basin Water Network, spoke about the 30-year fight against the Las Vegas pipeline and that the fight is not over yet.
“November 12th there is going to be rural arguments at the courthouse here. I’m here to have you remind your friends and neighbors that this fight continues and we support White Pine County.”

Garcia Lewis asked if there were any electric vehicle charging stations in our area. She was told there was one at Sahara Motors

Fire Chief – We have been very busy, there were five life fights out the other night and we’ve had a couple of brush fires.
Police Chief – absent
Municipal Court Judge – absent
City Clerk – NDOW Grant for $349,000
City Attorney – reported on Animal Control and the lien report.
Animal Control – June
Ely County
Cats Impounded 4 1
Dogs Impounded 6 4
Total 10 6
Total collected $150.00 $135.00

Donations – two bags of sheets, three bags of dry cat food, 6 bags of dry dog food, miscellaneous toys for cats and dogs and a dog house crate.

Odd events – Maddie’s donation used to treat injured dog in lieu of euthanasia and transport it to HSUS, border collie transferred to SPDR in Washington and Maddie’s adoption days adopted out one dog and 2 cats.

City Public Works Supervisor – absent

Water / sewer June 2019
Digs – 930 Murray service Lane, replaced fire hydrants in the industrial park.
Sewer rodding – 900 block Canyon Street, 1000 block Pine Street and behind Mount Wheeler Power.
New water mains installed by JCR for the Holiday Inn, it passed all NDEP testing and has been turned on into ours system.
Wells – 7th and M still in Auto and has been running when called for at 1, 400 GPM, have ran Golf Course well when needed to compensate for water damage, 10th and M complete, repaired roof and siding on Mineral Heights booster station and repaired leak on valve in Murry booster.

City Engineer – reported on meetings he had attended.
City Building Official- 15 permits total fees $7,023.99
NNRY Foundation Report – there were 5041 Riders, this is down 11% from last year, I contribute this to our weather. Two films were made.

Discussion / For Possible Action – Approval to use a portion of Maddie’s Pet Project Adoption Funds Grant to vaccinate every dog entering the Animal Control Facility for parvo.
Murray need to change this to have a isolation room built, because the vaccinations would be too expensive.
The new dog kennels have not been completed yet, so adding another project would not be advisable.
No motion was made so no action was taken.

Discussion / For Possible Action – Approval to require licensing of cats in the City of Ely.
No motion was made, so no action taken.

Discussion / For Possible Action: Approval for City of Ely Animal Control Officer to complete National Animal Control and Humane Officer Academy Certified Animal Control and Cruelty Investigations.
4/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action: Approval to implement plan to run each City of Ely well at least once a quarter to verify Wells are in good operating order and prevent stagnant water in the well pipe.
4/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action: Approval to accept Stetson Engineers letter of Engagement for Engineering Services to identify additional water sources for the City and assist with the matters pertaining to Cities 2009 Agreement with Robinson Mine.
4/0 Approved for part 2 only, to update the agreement with Robinson Mine.

New Business
Discussion / For Possible Actions: Pursue identification of property issues involving Ely Securities, including designation of a team from the Ely City council and staff to research the issues, develop an action plan and enter primary negotiations with Michael Lemich.
The Mayor wanted to pursue this action in order to identify problems down the road as to ownership and boundaries.
Most of the council felt that this would be Mr Lemich’s problem and he needed to solve this himself, not at the expense of the City
0/4 – did not pass

Discussion / For Possible Action: Approval to direct the City Attorney and Building Official to research possible legislation for the regulation of short-term rentals, commonly known as air bnb within city limits.
Apparently there are people who rent rooms out for a night or two and they do not pay any tax or have to have a license to do so.
4/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action: Approval of resolution 2019 – 1/5 providing for transfer of the City of Ely 2019 private activity bonds value cap to the Nevada Rural Housing Authority.
This money would be used to help families with down payments on their homes. There have been approximately 73 families helped with this project. If the money is not used by the City, or given to Nevada Rural Housing Authority, the money returns to the state.
4/0 Approved

Discussion / For Possible Action: Pursuant to 3(b)(vii) of the development agreement between the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation and the City of Ely, provide reasonable notice to NNRY to inspect the records in connection with the NNRY $200,000 loan approved by the City of Ely Council on April 4th, 2019, including purchase receipts and copies of cash check or product / Services / repayment to the First National Bank of Ely.
Flangas is concerned that this loan may fall on the City of Ely to repay.
The loan would fall on the railroad, if not paid, any property owned by the railroad would go first and then any property owned jointly by the railroad and the City would be on the block, any property owned solely by this City would not be affected.
1/2 items failed to pass, Flangas the only yes vote
(The reason for 1/2 vote – the mayor is a member of the foundation preside over this item. The pro-tem Mayer is Sam Hensen and he could not vote.)

If you have any comments on this meeting you may contact any of your City Council or comment on White Pine Talking.
Ernie Flangas 289-9053
Kurt Carson – 289-3718
Tony DeFelice 702-686-9282
Jim Alworth
Sam Hanson 289-2638

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