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March 17, 2016
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Spring Valley Wind Farm

Spring Valley Wind Farm : What You Need to Know

Spring Valley Wind FarmHere is a fun fact about Nevada: Did you know that the Spring Valley Wind Farm is Nevada’s first ever wind energy project?! White Pine County appears to be a humble unassuming community, but don’t judge a book by its cover. In addition to tax dollars generated from mining operations in the county, this wind farm is projected to yield $20 million dollars over the next 20 years for White Pine County.

This $225 million dollar wind energy project commenced operations in August 2012 with thirteen full time employees. It consists of sixty-six 2.3 Megawatt turbines. That’s a ton of ‘clean’ electricity! So much so that conservative estimates calculate that this wind farm alone creates enough electricity to power 45,000 homes.

Spring Valley Wind FarmThe project is not without controversy though. Some environmentalists claim that it is constructed too close in proximity to a cave that houses Mexican free-tailed bats that are being killed by the blades of the wind turbines. There has also been some reported deaths of golden eagles that have met the same fate as the bats, but the reported incidents are far less frequent. All things considered, the project is considered a success and is supported by the White Pine community as a whole.



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  1. Ed Anderson says:

    I hope Spring Valley is also the last wind project in Nevada. It has tainted the desert solitude and view from Great Basin Park and spoiled the historical desolate nature of that valley. Did they have to put it right in view of a National park of all places? This article trivializes it, but the project has killed a lot more bats than expected, in ways that nothing else does (pressure shocks that sonar can’t detect). Nothing else is as tall and stark as those machines, which rarely blend into landscapes and have become a forced taste for many resentful people (and animals).

    This article’s focus on revenue is typical, as the wind industry is a giant subsidy rush with no ability to stop climate change or actually replace fossil fuels, especially oil. You can’t even build wind turbines without it. Just a small amount of research into the negative aspects of industrial wind power will reveal that it’s far from green. It creates unprecedented new blight that does nothing to repair old scars (e.g. coal mines) and just adds to the human footprint; carbon isn’t the only one all of a sudden.

    I hope they eventually remove these eyesores and set an example, but decommissioning has proven costly and nearly impossible with other wind “farms.”

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