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Fact or Fiction – Washington Federal Bank

Here we are again White Piners for another edition of Fact or Fiction! There have been a substantial amount of rumors circulating throughout White Pine County. The topic this time- is Washington Federal Bank, located in Ridley’s, upgrading to a new standalone location just up the street from the V&S Variety Store. As rumors continue, some speculate that Ridley’s is giving the bank the boot, because they have big plans for the space that Washington Federal currently occupies. White Pine Living’s Matt Bauman decided to put the rumors to rest.


First, we decided to contact local Ridley’s management to confirm that Washington Federal was, in fact, closing it’s doors at the Ridley’s location. Assistant Manager, Oliver Lamonica, informed us that the rumors concerning Washington Federal’s departure from the Ridley’s location are true. Oliver stated that he believed that the bank could be out as soon as May of 2016. When asked if Ridley’s had a master plan for the vacated area, Oliver stated that some plans are in the works. However, he was not at liberty to disclose them. It sounds like we have another topic for a Fact or Fiction article in the future.

new-washington-federal-ely-nevada (2)Next, we interviewed Morgan Cornejo, an employee of the local Washington Federal branch. She stated that the rumors are true. Washington Federal is pulling out of their location at Ridley’s, and Washington Federal is currently in the process of building their new location, on Great Basin Boulevard, just up the street from V&S Variety Store . Cornejo stated that she believed that the new location should be operational by May 23, 2016.

There you have it White Piners! The rumor that Washington Federal Bank is pulling out of Ridley’s has been OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED AS FACT. The rumor that Ridley’s has big plans for the vacated space that Washington Federal Bank currently occupies at their store is STILL UNDER REVIEW. The rumor that the new construction on Great Basin Boulevard near V&S is going to be the new location of Washington Federal Bank is OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED AS FACT.

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