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BREAKING NEWS: Las Vegas Water-Grab Squashed

For those in “the know”, there has been a silent battle recently over water from Northern Nevada being set up for use in Southern Nevada expansion and development projects. Ranchers and land owners have been quietly selling off their water rights to Las Vegas development entities. While they don’t call it “The Great Basin” for nothing (meaning there IS a great deal of water available), many have been (rightfully) nervous and honestly pretty upset about the whole concept. If all of our water is piped South to feed Las Vegas’ already bloated development, where does that leave the rest of Nevada and our ability to facilitate healthy economic growth?

From a source inside Nevada’s Industry and Manufacturing community, the news broke this morning that

“Nevada State Engineer – Jason King, ruled against SNWA’s plan to pump 83,000 Acre-Feet to the Las Vegas area.”

“I’m sure the battle is not over but you’ve won another round” said the source.

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  1. I am new to this. What is wrong with sharing our water supply? Are they trying to take all of our water, or just what they need?

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