May 10, 2017

Exciting Progress for the WPCSD, By Adam Young

Friends and Colleagues,  I am excited to share with you today several items that are the fruits of much labor during the course of the last […]
May 5, 2017

Gun Talk || Special Guest: Anthony J. Barber

April 28, 2017

Around Town – Episode 4 || Mayor VanCamp

April 27, 2017

Nevada V.A. Town Hall Meeting 4.3.17

April 26, 2017

There are Many Capital Gain Tax Rates – By John R. Bullis, CPA

Someone asked the other day “what is the tax rate on capital gains?”.   Like most tax questions, the answer can be a little complicated.  It depends […]
April 19, 2017

Home Mortgage Interest Tax Information, By John R. Bullis, CPA

What is paid for interest on qualified home mortgages can be an itemized deduction on Schedule A of form 1040. The 2016 form 1098 reports the […]
April 19, 2017

A Glimpse Into History: “The Robinson Mining District”

The following is an excerpt from a book written by Mary Sorenson. If you would like a copy of the book, contact Mary: The ROBINSON […]
April 15, 2017

Gun Talk With Mike || Episode 2 – Freedom Flag Products Review

Test & Review of some Muzzle Devices sent to us from FREEDOM FLAG PRODUCTS No time to watch the whole thing? ||Quick Links|| […]
April 12, 2017

All About The White Pine County School District

It is no secret that White Pine County School District has gone through some major changes in the last few years. However, we, as humans, find […]