Things to do this Winter in Ely Nevada


Things to try while in Ely this winter Annual Fire and Ice Event Contestants participate in an ice carving contest on the frozen surface of Cave Lake (safety first! if its thick enough) followed that evening by fireworks. An ice fishing derby with a large cash prize for the winner is just one of the […]

Ely Rennaisance Village


The Renaissance Village has an incredible set up. Visit the homes of the first age of Ely when people from all over the world made Nevada their home. Discover their culture and traditions which they brought along with the railroad! Each home has amazing detail! All the way down to the soaps in the medicine […]

Nevada Northern Railway Museum


The Nevada Northern Railway train depot and museum aren’t just trains and a gift shop. There are many fascinating rooms, with huge dials, and mechanical parts, along with pleasant surprises like the still usable Morse Code machine. The entire experience takes you back to a world before smart phones, but all the while, communication was […]